Welcome to R.NELSON, a London-based accessories brand created in 2014. 



Our ethos is to create unique, beautiful pieces that are the anti-thesis of 'fast fashion'. 

 All of the materials used to make our products are sourced thoughtfully and each piece are made in-house at our London-based studio.

We use a variety of hand-braiding techniques to create the signature beaded chains that are used in every collection. All of our products are carefully tested before their introduction to ensure the optimum level of quality control is attained.



R.NELSON sources leather hides from the UK. Each hide is sourced for its character and beauty. Slight variations in texture and colour add to the individuality of the skins as each hide is unique in its appearance. 



After taking a three year hiatus to focus on other endeavours, the brand will be re-launching in summer 2020. We are looking forward to creating beautiful, handcrafted accessories, that will stand the test of time and be worthy of the label, 'slow luxury'.